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Our History

Back in 2018, after having moved from New York City to the tranquil Hudson Valley, we decided to bring a kitten into our lives. However, due to our small family being primarily allergic to most cats, we were forced to look far and wide for a particular breed that would allow for coexistence for all of us - two adults, a toddler, and one miniature poodle.
Our new family member had to be hypoallergenic, patient with our baby, and dog friendly. After a long search, we found the perfect fit for our family. And shortly after, we fell in love with the Siberian breed.
Our love for Siberian cats eventually turned into a passionate hobby. We decided to participate in preserving this wonderful breed. We have the best time raising these friendly, “dog-like” loyal, and affectionate cats, in our growing family with our loved ones. 
Here, at Siberian Paws, our main goal is to produce healthy, beautiful, and well socialized traditional Siberian kittens, and place them with you, in a loving forever home.

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