Our Siberians 

Healthy and Happy

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your choice. All of our cats are TICA registered, and vet checked. They undergo wellness exams, have all the required vaccinations, and are spoiled by our love every day. 
HCM: Negative by Echocardiogram
FIV/FeLV: Negative
DNA Test by Wisdom Panel



NY 24 09 Golden Spotted Tabby

Businka is a stunning kitty and she knows it!  She is a master at getting whatever she wants.  Businka comes from one of the best bloodlines, such as Onix Gloria in Russia.

Sweet Alfa

N 22 Black & Brown Marble Tabby

We call her sweet Alfa because she is a true sweetheart. 
Alfa was born at our cattery. At the very beginning, we knew, she was going to be one of those "cat angels". Alfa is a perfect example of a therapy cat. She is kind and gentle, she likes to purr and do tricks for attention and extra treats.


Fairy Berry

AS 23 Silver Blue Mackerel

Fairy Bery is the soul of our house. She is always up for cuddling or chasing crumped pieces of paper. She and our son have a very special connection from the day she crawled out of her box. The name was given to her by our three-year-old son.

Gatsby Gavrosh

N 24 Black & Brown Spotted Tabby

Gatsby is our big boy. He is gorgeous, muscular, and strong, a cat that you would spot in the forests of Siberia. Although Gatsby has retired from the breeding program, he lives with us and making sure Pascal has got someone to play with.

20210117_234954 (2).jpg


NY 22 Gold Spotted Tabby

This beautiful and heavy boy came from Moscow's well-respected cattery "Siberian Crown"  We are very excited to welcome Pascal here in Hudson. Pascal has joined our breeding program shortly after the health screenings. He is now our King.